How Technology Can Help Your Real Estate Business

How Technology Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Real estate business is the profession of buying, selling, or renting real estate (land, buildings, or housing). It is an industry that is heavily influenced by trends and market data. With so much information available, it can be difficult to process it all and make informed decisions in a timely manner. That's where technology comes in.

Technology can help real estate businesses collect and interpret data faster than ever before, allowing them to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition. One example of technology that can assist in this area is video conferencing.

With the help of Video Service Desk, real estate professionals can easily communicate with clients, investors, and other stakeholders, regardless of their location.

There are various ways through which technology can help your real estate business. Let’s discuss a few of them in this blog.

Technology makes your operational activities more accurate

With the right technology, you can collect and analyze data faster, which will allow you to make wiser decisions, setting you up for greater success.

For instance, Video Service Desk technology can help real estate businesses to simplify communication and collaboration. It offers a platform where real estate professionals can easily communicate and share information with clients and other team members.

By having all the information in one place, you can make informed decisions faster while keeping everyone on the same page. For a free trial of Video Service Desk, click here.

Technology makes your work more efficient

Technology is transforming the commercial real estate industry at an unprecedented rate. According to a report by KPMG, efficiency is the main reason why commercial real estate (CRE) opts for advanced technological tools.

Real estate companies hire real estate developers or development companies 65% of the time to improve the overall speed and performance of the company.

With the help of technology, real estate companies can streamline their workflows, automate processes, and reduce costs. This helps them to not only keep pace with industry trends, but to stay ahead of the curve.

Technology helps real estate sector to adjust to the dynamic economy

One of the biggest challenges the real estate industry faces is the changing market landscape. There is a growing demand for smart homes, sustainable living spaces, and affordable housing. Meeting these demands has become a huge challenge for the industry.

However, technology has helped in overcoming these challenges. For instance, the use of building information modeling (BIM) technology has enabled real estate businesses to design smart homes that meet the growing demand for connected living spaces.

Usage of advanced tools and technology is beneficial for the real estate businessmen

Using technological tools for real estate business makes realtors look more professional and trustworthy.

As the industry lacks transparency in transactions, buyers and sellers are often unaware of the true value of a property. This leads to mistrust and lack of confidence.

This is where technology has played a big role. With the use of blockchain technology, real estate businesses can create a transparent and secure transaction system.

Putting money on the right technology

Since everything comes with a price, it’s wise to invest in tools that would potentially bring you more money. Staying up-to-date with the advanced technological tools is both time-consuming and expensive.

However, technology like Video Service Desk helps you overcome any administrative or operational glitches in your business at a pocket-friendly rate. To know more about its pricing, click here.

Technology makes you stand out in the highly competitive market

Real estate professionals must adapt to quickly changing technological advancements while trying to maintain their traditional methods. According to a recent study by Clicbrics, one of the most significant challenges facing the real estate industry in 2023 is the integration of technology into traditional processes.

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the market. Advisory and broker firms are continuously looking for innovative ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors, especially as they face the challenge of catering to the tech-savvy generation. In turn, they have become one of the earliest adopters of modern technology.

Technology can help realtors with managing asset with automation

Some tasks are too repetitive and it takes a lot of time to complete them. When you automate such tasks, you can utilize human labor to other activities. Technology can effortlessly tackle rigorous and repetitive tasks with ease.


We hope that this blog helped you understand how technology can be incorporated into the real estate sector to help overcome some of the challenges in the sector.

Video calling technologies like Video Service Desk helps realtors in sorting out their business activities. To know more, visit Video Service Desk for Real Estate.

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How To Show Around Real Estate Property Via Video Call

How To Show Around Real Estate Property Via Video Call

The effects of Covid-19 are not yet gone. Many employees have to work from home at least once a week while maintaining a strong communication amongst their teams. So how do they do it? Online video calls across many different professions have made it possible for employers to bridge the gap between working from home and otherwise.

The property and real estate sector aren’t any exception. Being hit by the widespread lockdowns, every kind of work came to a temporary halt. The realtors who wanted to continue working, suddenly found it difficult to make their customers invest in any property. Hence, many realtors chose video calling ways, resorting to showing properties online, when they couldn't meet the client in person.

It’s not easy for any buyer to make a decision as magnanimous as buying a property online. However, video call would enable the buyer to see the property in real time and then decide if they would like to purchase it by meeting realtors in person.

There are several tools available in the digital market that facilitates using video calls that incorporates within your business journey.

Video call and WhatsApp

Video call buttons like Video Service Desk help you receive local and international calls for free. Unlike WhatsApp, your clients can easily share digital files while being in the call itself and share screen.

While video chatting, realtors and buyers can exchange digital files and documents, share screen and even share videos of the property for sale.

Video call button and FaceTime

For Apple device users it’s rather easy to hop on to a video call with the FaceTime option. However, many people do not use Apple products.

On the other hand, Video Service Desk’s no code voice and video calling button is quite accessible. Being cost-efficient, the calls made with Video Service Desk resemble a typical phone, or a video call and can be conducted via Android phone, laptops and other Apple devices.

Video call button and Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is yet another way through which you can easily connect with the buyers. However, it requires both the parties to have a Facebook account, download the Messenger app. Before making a video call, realtors are required to chat with the clients and then make a video call.

Skipping the complicated steps, Video Service Desk helps the real estate buyers to connect easily with the realtors via their business website. They just have to fill in the custom contact forms. The realtors have the opportunity to make their website look customizable with custom branding and messaging.

Video call button and Skype

Using Skype requires both the parties to create an account and choose a username. Just as rigorous as Facebook Messenger, realtors and their clients need to create an account with a username and add each other as contacts. This app requires to be downloaded on mobile devices in advance.

However, in the case of the calling button on Video Service Desk, users can get in touch with each other as there is no app download required for buyers. As buyers browse through various property dealers in the real estate market, they can be easily directed towards a video calling button and they can access it both from their mobile devices and laptop. There’s no hassle of downloading any other app at all.

Video call and Google Hangouts

Although the Google Hangouts is free, its usage is similar to that of Skype. You have to add your contacts via Gmail. Google Hangouts isn’t frequently used as one needs to download the app as well.

Simplify your business with video call

Video calling is one of the easiest ways to close deals but it should be noted that not all the existing video calling tools are affordable and user-friendly.

Since the economy is booming with start-ups, every entrepreneur looks for tools that are easy-to-use and integrates with their business website at a reasonable rate.

Video calls that are made with its calling buttons are easily discoverable on business websites. It makes a brand stand out by making business executives more accessible to receiving calls and sharing feedbacks.

Using Video Service Desk opens several doors for you and your agents to record online meetings and store them, joining meetings as a third party, taking notes within the call itself, routing calls to appropriate available agents and getting email notification when the call is missed.

Updating realtors and dealers to a mini version of Video Service Desk, that can be downloaded on any mobile device makes their business thrive.

You make a considerable positive impact on your clients and customers when you are empowered to receive business calls on the go.

To know more, visit and opt for a 14 day trial period of Video Service Desk for free.

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Video Calling Solutions To Real Estate Problems

Video Calling Solutions To Real Estate Problems

Confusion and miscommunication is a part of every business. Without a proper mode of contact and communication, even the best of real estate agencies fails to provide desired service to their customers. The problems in real estate sector are nothing different. However, video calling is one of the ways through which real estate agencies stay on top of their game.

It's not easy to grow network in the real estate sector considering the manifold competition in the market and your customers looking for more options. Your
inventory needs to provide them the desired deal, hence losing out on implementing technological changes is one of the reasons why many businesses throw in the towel.

However, online video calling has provided some relief and has helped many businesses witness positive change in the extreme competition.

Let's discuss how video calling can help you overcome the problems in real estate businesses.

Video calling makes you easily accessible on the internet

The first problem in the real estate sector is of authenticity. Customers only approach those who have a repute or a history of providing impeccable service.

Thus, it's a menace for many customers to find a genuine agency or a broker. But with the availability of technology, you give your prospects the opportunity to connect with you in real time by showcasing your services on your business website.

Being able to make video calls in real estate is very beneficial and gives you an upper hand in business operations.

Growing your network with video calling

Social media and online presence are powerful, as you get to find new leads regardless of barriers or boundaries. Your prospects can be from any part of the world who will need reference in property viewings.

So, as a real estate person, you will need to be able to answer to their business queries. Without an online presence, it's not possible to boost your business with just word-of-mouth.

Take care of domestic/international enquiries with Video Service Desk. Start your free trial here.

Video calling is cost-effective

Video calling platforms like Video Service Desk help in reducing the cost that you incur in capturing a lead. They can easily call you and if you happen to miss their calls, you can call them back using their preferred call-back timing.

Most of your problems in real estate get sorted when you easily get connected to your leads and your conversion ratio increases.

Taking notes within the call

One of the problems in the real estate sector is not being able to figure out where the deal is in the sales process.

Leads require a lot of follow-ups. So, in order to take note of the minutes of the meeting with your clients and customers, you will need to be live on the call and take care of client/customer requirements.

Note taking feature in Video Service Desk makes it easy for you to take notes within the particular call itself and have it saved for future reference.

Video call your customers/clients even without a website

Some agencies just don’t want to bring technological changes into their business, even in competitive scenarios. They intend to cater to the local needs of people.

However, with Video Service Desk, these agencies, too, can get ahead in the real estate race.

Generate a VSD link and get in touch instantly with your valuable clients/customers.

For a free trial, click here.

Video calling makes it easier to manage administrative tasks

Real estate sector is hectic and if problems are not resolved on time, it can become menacing. Having a website alone doesn’t sort any issue.

With the organizational layout in the Video Service Desk software, you can easily take care of your administrative tasks as an admin.

Video calling lets you share files and documents in the call itself

To be lost in a mountain of paperwork is a major problem in real estate.

Video Service Desk’s file sharing option minimizes the cycle of physical paper being circulated and you get to close your deals more swiftly.

Live display of property with video calling

Technology has allowed many realtors to showcase their inventory on their worktable, instead of physically taking their leads to showcase the properties.

Also, if your clients have any problem travelling, they can easily rely on technology to look at the model of the house and take an online live tour.

Record meetings while video calling

One major problem in real estate is that there is no guarantee of receiving brokerage fee.

Real estate agents invest a lot in listing, staging, and prospecting for a property. In such a case, if the clients deny paying for the fee, all their efforts go to waste.

To stop this from happening, Video Service Desk allows your meetings to be recorded, so that there is no third-party witness involved in the conversation and the agents receive their due.

To summarize...

Although being in the real estate business is easier said than done, you can simplify your business and close your deals faster with the software tool of Video Service Desk.

For a free demo, contact us.

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Browser To Browser Calling

Browser To Browser Calling

Around 87% of businesses operate on mobile phones, but it is a common knowledge that it is not possible to rely on your employee’s personal devices for important professional tasks. With various customer communication options available, browser to browser calling is the most effective and most globally used.

Browser calling is a calling method that enables your customers and clients to make a call, with or without a website.

Software tools like Video Service Desk aid you in boosting your business in an amazing customer support and service. Click here for a free trial.

Advantages of browser to browser calling

1. Easy to find interested prospects with browser calling

Browser calling filters out uninterested customers just ‘window-shopping’. It’s an advantage that isn’t readily available when you use your phone numbers to connect with your prospects.

Custom form fields in Video Service Desk lets its users fill out important information for your end customers. Those who really show interest in your product or services will go through the process of filling out the form with their contact details.

2. Browser calling allows you to take notes within the call itself

Video Service Desk and similar software tools lets you do a hassle-free task.

You can make note of important information or client complaints (if any) within the call itself. No need to switch between one screen to another.

3. Sharing important documents and files in the browser call

Using email or chat for sharing any file in the same customer call may not be possible. However, in browser calling, you can easily share files within the call itself, which reduces the time consumed in emailing the same documents.

4. Browser calling lets you and your caller share screen

Speaking about products and services over the phone can be cumbersome. Browser calling helps you do a presentation or share screen for demonstration purposes rather easily.

You can even showcase a detailed description of your work in the form of a video, by copying the video link in the meeting.

5. Maintain privacy with browser to browser calling

Taking a day off gets easier when your customers do not have your phone number that constantly buzzes with work notifications. Switching it off or keeping it on silent mode don’t really solve the problem.

Your employee’s personal time may also get compromised. As 'all hours' availability can steal their personal life if they receive calls outside their working hours.

You do have to worry about your time in browser to browser calling, as it simplifies your tasks and helps you allocate your time accordingly.

6. Reduced missed calls

Although your customers will be making a browser call, it will be easy for you to call them back with their preferred callback timings.

Browser calling in Video Service Desk reduces the chances of you missing a client or a customer call.

Want to see how? Register yourself for a free trial here.

7. Admin log in and quality audit

Joining as a third party, in a phone call, might not look professional.

With browser calling in Video Service Desk, entering the video/audio call as an admin or a quality auditor looks professional as well as presentable.

To know more click here.

8. Browser to browser calling works even without a website

We are well aware of the fact that small businesses, in the initial phase at least, do not require a website.

However, you can use browser calling to easily connect with your customers without setting up a website in these ways:

VSD Links- Generate a short link of the form that opens your custom form with your logo. Share it with your clients over email, SMS or any channel of your choice. They fill the form and connect with you instantly.

VSD Credentials- Share credentials for your users to login to Video Service Desk directly and initiate calls. Individual user accounts can be created and shared with a closed group of people.


To summarize, phone calls aren’t the best option for your employees. It might sound convenient, but using phone calls do not ensure that all your professional needs will be taken care of.

To be safe from unforeseen frenzy, levelling up with technology must be the best way to gain retentive customers and increase productivity.

If you liked our blog, do leave a comment or reach us out here.

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Video Calling For Business

Video Calling For Business

Video calling is one of the ways through which you get to attract your customers and increase sales for your business.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should opt for a video calling software for your business:

1. The touch of personal communication

It's not easy to maintain the optimal communication level in audio calls. However, video calling gives you a chance to employ and improve your face-to-face or personal communication skills that we are all used to.

2. Hassle-free meetings

Do you not think that it's easier to schedule a meeting online than hop on several modes of transportation to meet a client, a supplier or a business partner? Video calling has always been the best option for those who like the ease in doing business.

According to Vonage Study, video calls are fast becoming as popular as voice calls. Relying on video calling technology enriches you of your time.

3. Saves money by leaps and bounds

As a business owner or employee, traveling for conferences, training or business meetings can be time-consuming and costly. Travel expenses can add up quickly, and time spent traveling can be better spent on other business tasks.

This is where video conferencing comes in. Video calling tools like Video Service Desk can help businesses save money and time by holding meetings virtually.

4. Easy to build team rapport

Team members these days are geographically scattered and love to work from different places just because they enjoy it. With sufficient internet access, it's easy to get into a meeting room or even launch one. A quick uptake or a lengthy update, both can be taken care of in a single video call.

5. Easy to demonstrate products to clients

Handling customer complaints and demonstrating products with video calling has its own advantage. Not only are you saving your own time sorting customer issues, but you are also guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction with a timely output.

6. More productivity

You do not have to wait for your colleagues to reply when you can make a quick video call with them. Sharing screen, documents or any sort of official video makes your project run smoothly.

7. More organized approach of working

It's difficult to maintain a work schedule when you are working from home. With video calling in place, you can easily communicate about your project agenda with your team members and they complete the work on time.

This way you organize your work by allocating time to yourself and your co-workers.

8. Maintains a good work/life balance

It's important to maintain a good work/life balance especially when employees are working remotely. Research has found that remote workers tend to overwork themselves which eventually leads to mental and physical stress.

To avoid that from happening, video calling software tools like Video Service Desk integrates with your website and help in solidifying your tasks with your colleagues in real time.

9. Never miss a call

You may think that you will miss customer calls when you are not sitting in front of your desktop.

Affordable video calling techs like Video Service Desk help you attend customer calls even on your mobile phones (android/iOS). For a free trial, click here.

10. Artfulness of video calling technologies

Almost everybody is walking the path of technology these days. Hence, it's no surprise to see businesses integrate video calling buttons to their website.

Making communication crystal clear for customers and clients is something every business is focused on. With the artful organizing acumen of software tools, video calling enables you to have the upper hand in a competitive domain.


Although being around people is necessary, we cannot deny the fact that video calling has brought revolutionary changes especially during the pandemic times.

Video calling is a great alternative to audio calling and establishes a unique mode of communication for all sorts of people.

Try our very own video calling software for free by clicking on the link here.

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Why Is Trial Period Important In Software

Why Is Trial Period Important In Software

Like probation period in jobs, trial period is also important in the software industry. Trial period gives you the opportunity to assess new products and services for free, for a limited time-period. Your customer gets to weigh your product with another and gets to select what’s best suited for them or their business. It is a business model through which many companies generate potential leads.

Free trial period is usually one or two weeks’ long. They are an opportunity for a company to gain feedback, improve their product or service, and provide the client their desired requirements.

Before we start discussing why trial period is important in software, we need to first understand different types of trial period.

Types of trial period

There are multiple types of trial period:

1. Time-limited: It is the most common type of trial which typically lasts between 2 weeks and 2 months. It is a great way for companies to test out their service or product without the risk of losing valuable customers.

2. Usage-limited: This type of trial allows customers to perform a limited number of actions on a trial.

3. Feature-limited:
The feature-limited trial is a great way to receive feedback from users based on various skill levels.

4. Nagware approach: You give the client access to the whole software, but they will be constantly nagged to buy the full product.

5. Hybrid-trial: This kind of trial offers a set of features that are restricted for a limited time.

6. Money-back guarantee: For a quality product, there shouldn’t be any qualms in providing the money-back guarantee. This approach has been proven to increase sales by 21%.

Why Are Trial Period Important In Business

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider inculcating trial period in your business

1. Customers are free from monetary concerns

The company offers a free trial to allow users to test out the product without any cost and allows them to provide feedback to the company. Many businesses see an increase in conversion rates with free trials. The customers get a sense of their company requirements without incurring any cost.

2. Customers get used to a software with trial period in place

Demos and tutorials make it is easy for the customers to get used to a particular software during the trial period. They can simply hit a button to start the trial which they can cancel at any time.

The companies offering trials don’t have to do any additional set up of their software.

3. Gaining customer feedback and working on it

Seth Godin once pointed out that businesses which have trial period offers gain more customers. It is beneficial for both parties, because the clients get to see if your product is suitable for their company.

4. Risk reduction

Trying products and services for free reduces the risk of investing without profit. The customers find it easy to purchase the product they have already used, and as a seller, you can work on their feedback.

Advantages of providing a free trial period

Following are the advantages of using and providing free trial period.

1. Generate a lot of leads and gain more customers

It is easy to attract customers with good products. But how to make them stay? For SAAS (software as a service) products, offering a trial can help you generate a lot of leads and gain new customers.

Offering free trials give a potential customer an idea of what your software can do for them. It also helps them figure out if it is the right product for them.

2. Straightforward marketing with free trial

One of the simplest marketing strategies is offering free trials, because you have got your first two necessities covered.

  1.  your software product,
  2. an email list.

You have also got to put in some effort to make your trial period successful, but the rewards can be huge.

3. Using trial period requires no long-term commitments

Many consumers back out of trying a software product because they fear getting locked into one software service. However, with the option of free trial it becomes easy for consumers can estimate whether they want to subscribe to your products and services.

4. No need for provocative selling

Provocative selling is a method that pushes the customers to see the pain points in their businesses, that sellers utilize in their pitches. You do not have to resort to provocative and desperate selling methods when you have free trials in place.


Software tools like Video Service Desk provide free trial.

It is easy to implement and guarantees complete customer satisfaction. You can replace IVR with intelligent call routing and easily integrate it into your website.

To know more about us, click here.

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Why Business Website Is Important?

Why Business Website Is Important?

Owning a business is synonymous to owning a website. In this day and age, having a business website gives you an edge to your business. Many customers look for you on the net before making a purchase. This is one of the major reasons why most businesses without a website cannot deal with the cutthroat competition. Having a business website is confirming your legitimacy in the online market.

Businesses are increasingly realizing that having a website is mandatory in the digital age. Not only does a website need to be accessible, but it needs to be useful for customers as well.

Many organizations complain of not being tech-savvy, or of the cost involved in creating a website.

There are solutions like Video Service Desk which provide affordable services.

Video Service Desk works with or without a website.

Intriguing, right?

Register for a free trial today!

In this blog, we will discuss why it’s important for you to create a website for your business.

Reasons to own a business website today

1. Business website is important for maintaining credibility

If you are in the software industry, having a business website is a must. A mundane-looking, basic website alone will not do the trick. Your website ought to look inviting to your new customers and it should make them stay. Hopefully, you don’t want to be left behind, right?

Whatever be the size of your business, having a website helps you retain your customers and garner new ones more easily.

2. Business website is important for making a brand impact

Anyone can open a business page on social media. However, building a website multiplies your legitimacy and brand impact in the digital market.

You can succinctly speak about your business goals and mantras to achieve those goals with your product.

Since the internet is filled with tons of websites, one of the most important things that you can do is to establish your brand. What you represent to your potential customers with your brand is important. By doing this, you're making it easier for them to identify with your business and boosting the chances of them buying from you.

3. Business website is important for generating leads

Generating leads is one of the toughest tasks of any business owner. But once you have a website, you will find prospective leads who will be ready to invest their time and money into your product.

According to a survey, 89% adults use internet and it leaves a huge opportunity for
you to market your products in the global economy.

4. Business website is important for staying updated

The internet is a 24/7 domain, and your customers know that. This is why you need to have a website that is constantly updated and has a blog. Not only will this keep your customers updated about new tools and ventures, but it will also let them know what is happening with your business. This will also give you a chance to reach out to your customers and offer them a promotional deal or something that they will find interesting.

5. Business website help you drive traffic to your site

It is not a secret that Google search engine contains a lot of power. In fact, around 90% of all online searches result in a Google search.

When you have a website that is SEO-optimized and ranks high on Google, it increases the chance of people finding you, when they look for a product or service.

If you are selling a product or service, this is an essential part of your business so that you can increase your sales.

6. Business website helps you receive international calls

Surprised? Don’t be.

Merging your website with Video Service Desk helps you in receiving calls from international clients.

Neither you nor your clients need any phone number to make calls so it’s easy to get connected with a no-code voice and video calling button.

Hence, wait no more. Convert your leads, into customers, into raving fans with Video Service Desk.


We know that setting a website and creating content for it is an arduous task. But if you are passionate about your business, there shouldn’t be any hiccup in creating a website of your own.

Also, software tools like Video Service Desk help you in meliorating the operational functions of your business. When you have your complex internal matters sorted, building a business website seems to be a walk in the park.

If you want to share your views in the matter, leave a comment.

Do get in touch with us, click here.

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Receive International Calls

Receiving International Calls With Video Service Desk

Being able to receive international calls is of paramount importance for almost all businesses as there are several benefits to it. However, it is not always easy to gather or retain international callers and clients.

You need to find the right software that can convert your leads into customers, into raving fans.

Your customers or clients may have multiple complaints, but Video Service Desk helps you to look into the matter and mitigate those complaints in just a few clicks.

Video Service Desk lends you a free trial with which you can receive international calls even when you are not in front of your desktop.

Benefits of using Video Service Desk for receiving international calls

Here are some of the benefits of using Video Service Desk for receiving international calls:

1. You can use multiple websites for your international callers

If you are into different business domains, you can use multiple websites, and one agent for receiving international customer calls. Your international callers find you and get connected to you, no sweat!

2. Share files within the call itself

You can share files up to 10 MB in size without budging from the international call. You and your customers find it easy to share and exchange files on the same platform.

3. Monitor your agents while they receive their calls

You can monitor your agents with Video Service Desk and see who is online and to whom you can assign an important international call to.

4. Taking notes inside the call itself

Keeping multiple windows open is challenging. With the in-call notetaking feature, you get to type any important information shared by your international clients or customers.

5. Screen sharing with your international callers

You get to share your screen with your clients overseas for demonstration or complaint management. This allows you to make a presentable pitch look presentable to your international callers. With this benefit, customer engagement is improved.

6. End ongoing calls as an admin

With Video Service Desk, you have the authority of ending ongoing international calls as an admin.

7. Audit an international call

You can join any international call for quality and training as an auditor.

8. Make HD video international calls

Video Service Desk capacitates you for a high-quality video call.

9. Receive international calls even when the net is down

Managing international calls in low bandwidth mode saves participants from getting distracted. The low bandwidth mode option in Video Service Desk gives users a chance to make high-quality calls with no compromise in call quality.

10. Request callback from your international customers

If you miss calls from international callers, you can call them back during their preferred callback time without any additional charges.

11. Receiving notifications when a call is missed

A missed call that is not returned is a lost opportunity for your business. Video Service Desk allows you to receive email notifications for every international call missed, so it is an easy way to make sure your sales team is on track.

12. No downloads required

By using Video Service Desk, you can dramatically improve international customer experience, as this tool relies on web-based video conferencing with no downloads.

13. Assigning calls

With a reliable VoIP like Video Service Desk, you can select an agent to collaborate with a customer by assigning call to specific agents.


Whether you are a freelancer, a solopreneur, or do not have a business website of your own, you can use Video Service Desk for different types of customers.

Click on the link to check how Video Service Desk integrates with your business and how its clients are getting benefitted from it.

Video Service Desk is simple and affordable, and even smaller businesses can build their reputation for exceptional customer service. It's a great way for you to make your company known internationally.

Try Video Service Desk today!

If you have any query don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us here.

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Setting Up A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy In Video Calling

One of the easiest ways to keep your product in the buzz is by setting up a social media strategy. Since video calls have become the norm these days, executing a plan in its marketing is uncomplicated.

From generating new leads, building your brand, making your company known, to reaching out to your customers, making a first impression with video calls is synonymous to making a sale.

Social media marketing strategy helps in creating multiple content on your social media platforms. It maps who you are going to reach out to, and what kind of impact you want to have on your campaign.

Here are some of the things to be included for an effective social media marketing strategy with video calls:

1. Choose goals that align with your business objective

The first step to creating a social media marketing plan is to decide which goals you want to strive for.

Some video calling software companies may want to share their products with the world, others may want to gain more followers, still there are others who may want to optimize their blog content.

For instance, a video calling company may want to reach its customers through its social media posts and some other may directly want to give people product demos and the like.

Reaching different goals would require various marketing paths to be explored.

2. Call to Action of video calling software

No matter what posts you make in advertising your video calling software, having a succinct call to action guides the readers. A random scroller can become a potential client in an instant.

Asking people to visit your video calling website, email you, or directly message you, in your posts culminates the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

The call to action should be crisp and brief such as,

"Check out my page for more information" or "join the conversation on Facebook."

3. Get to know your audience’s point of view on video calling software

As a social media marketer for a video calling software, you would want to know your audience’s preferences. Sometimes you may have to think like your customers- what their pain points and most pressing concerns could be. You would need to know about their social media profile as well.

Knowing your audience is what will help you create engaging content that speaks to them. This helps you grow your business.

4. In social media marketing you ought to analyze your competition

As you craft your social media marketing plan for video calling solution, you need to know who your competition is. One good way to do this is to create a competitor analysis.

  •  You need to identify the key competitors in your field, and compare their social media platforms, products and services, and offerings with your own.
  • Make a list of the most important social media metrics to help track your competitors.

Once you make a thorough analysis, you should be able to identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, so it’s a good idea to have a competitive analysis done on your industry.

Once you understand your competition, you will be able to set your own social media targets and spot potential opportunities.

5. Make it easy for your customers to reach you

Sometimes with a website and numerous posts, your audience/prospects would like to speak to you (or your agent) directly.

Leaving your number, that may get too many calls, or email address that might lead to an influx of texts just are not enough.

In such cases, video calling technologies like Video Service Desk help you get in touch with your prospects quickly.

6. Set a Posting schedule

Creating a content calendar is a great way to market your video calling software online. At the top of the content calendar, you can place the dates and times at which you will publish each type of content.

You will want to include content that speaks to different parts of your audience, so use it to plan content strategies that will resonate with your target audience.


All in all, your social media marketing strategy should be a constant work in progress to help you maintain a solid following and engage your audience. 

We hope this blog help you create more relatable content in garnering more business for your video calling software.

For a free trial of an affordable video calling software of Video Service Desk, click here.

Get your social media game on, today!

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Different Types Of Selling

Different Types Of Selling

Aggression and Empathy are two sides of the same coin, especially when it comes to getting more clients.

Selling is a process of transaction between a buyer and a seller in exchange for money; the buyer pays for goods and services and the seller sells it for a value.

Today, we discuss about the different types of approach that sellers incorporate in their sales pitch to increase the number of clients.

Types of selling

The technique that we are going to discuss, revolves mainly around two types of selling.

1. Solution selling

Solution selling is a methodology in selling approach that demonstrates how a particular product or software can directly affect a customer's business.

It is a process which prioritizes the need of the customers. Highlighting the pain points of their business or profession is the key.

2. Provocative selling

In Provocative selling, vendors shift attention of the buyers towards the areas of improvements in their business and invokes a sense of urgency in providing a solution for it.

Modern ways of selling is provocative

When it comes to adopting new methods, sellers are rather skeptical, as they are not willing to change their methods of selling. Instead, they want to stick to the old ways of doing things. This is why they are not very receptive of new technologies that can help them sell more products. This is because there are many options for advertising and marketing, but these options can be pricey.

Why most sellers resort to Provocative selling?

Sellers are not likely to adopt new technologies such as e-commerce, virtual assistants, and augmented reality as they do not see the need to do so. This is seen as a means of making a quick buck and getting ahead of the competition.

Some of these sales techniques include the use of aggressive body language, making loud noises to attract customers, and giving the customer an opportunity to win a prize.

Hence, many sellers have been resorting to provocative selling tactics.

Does Provocative selling work?

Provocative selling technique does not work in every business relationship.

It is for us to determine what kind of a seller we are, and what kind of selling procedure is required for different types of profession.

To understand this more easily, sellers are divided into 5 main categories based on their archetypes.

1. Hard-Worker

Usually self-motivated, always working on self, and keeps learning to improve his own sales technique.

2. Relationship-Builder

Relationship-builders ask a lot of questions and focuses on building relationships with their customers.

3. Problem-Solver

As the name itself suggests, problem-solvers pretty much get into the nitty gritty of their sales pitch and target and focus on solving problems.

4. Lone Wolf

Although their secluded efforts spill good results most of the times, a lone wolf is usually difficult to handle.

5. Challenger

Last, but not the least, challengers love to debate and is not afraid to push the customers. They research well about their customer's business and come up with solutions to problems that their customers might not be aware of.

These types of sellers use different modes of getting connected with their prospects- verbal, written and visual. The fastest way that reps comfort to is via an audio call or a video chat.

Both these ways guarantee a transparency and direct closure of the selling journey.

Our solution

Consider this scenario: your prospect browses through your website and instantly gets to chat or call you (based on their preference). You get to pitch most amazing features of your product and services to them in the most elaborate and straight-forward manner.

This is how Video Service Desk helps in fetching more clients. From an ocean of service providers to a pool of potential customers, it gets easy to get in touch for a professional collab, sales pitch, demo, or even a live stream!

Video Service Desk guarantees a 100% satisfaction in the most affordable way. Click on the Video Service Desk link to know more about us.

If you need help in sorting out your online business, or if you do not have any webpage and are a
solopreneur, head over to the Video Service Desk page, now.

Hope this article provided some solution to your query. Leave a comment or simply contact us.

Good day!

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