Video Calling With Clients For Real Estate Agents

Show around the best properties to Interested Parties Sitting anywhere in the world

VSD for real estate industry

Automatic Lead Capturing

Collect the client details that you need with customizable form fields

Reduced Wait Time

Customers can share a preferred callback time in case you are busy to answer their calls

Advanced Call Routing

Route calls to different members of your team based on custom logic

Convenience And Conversions

Property deal
  • Cost Effectiveness: Buyers can easily view multiple properties without incurring the cost of travel or time, and sellers can save on the cost of staging and preparing their properties for in-person viewings.
  • Enhanced Property Visualization: Video calling enables buyers to see a property in greater detail than they would through static photographs or descriptions. They can get a better sense of the property's layout, dimensions, and condition, which can help them make more informed decisions about whether to pursue a purchase.
  • Increased Reach: Video calling allows sellers to showcase their properties to a wider audience, including international buyers who may not be able to physically visit the property. This can increase the exposure of the property and potentially lead to a quicker sale.

Not Just Video Calling

Share Property Documents

With integrated file sharing, exchanging contracts, property related documents and photos is easy - without leaving the call.

Review Property Plans Together

With integrated screen sharing, show property plans, layouts and review contracts together before conducting a virtual tour.

Never Miss An Enquiry

With real time call notifications on phone and desktop and with missed call alerts, you never have to worry about missing an enquiry.

Play Recorded Videos

If you are busy for a live virtual tour, you can watch recorded videos with your client. Pause the video in between to answer queries.

People Buy From People

Video Service Desk allows buyers and sellers to communicate in real-time and face-to-face if required, enabling them to ask questions and get immediate answers. Video calls are more personal, more emotionally engaging. This helps build trust and rapport between the parties, making it a lot more likely for a deal to be successful.

Ways To Initiate Real Time Video Calls

Your customers can initiate calls using any of the following methods
VSD Buttons

Add a chatbot like button to all or specific pages of your website using a tiny code snippet. See example button on this page (bottom-right corner). Customize the form fields and the button UI if you like.

VSD Credentials

Share credentials for your users to login to Video Service Desk directly and initiate calls. Individual user accounts can be created and shared with a closed group of people.

VSD Links

Generate a short link of the form that opens your custom form with your logo. Share it with your clients over email, SMS, WhatsApp. They fill the form and connect with you instantly.

VSD QR Codes

Generate unique QR codes. Print and stick these on your products, catalogs or ads. Your leads and customers will be able to simply scan the QR with their phones.

Give your customers the voice they deserve

  • Close more deals faster than ever with inbuilt screen and file sharing
  • Receive calls from anywhere in the world without adding contacts
  • Showcase your products live and answer queries right away
  • Reduce resolution time with automatic call routing to relevant team
  • Stop bothering your customers with inefficient chatbots
  • Make an impression and stand apart from your competitors
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