Video Calling Solutions To Real Estate Problems

April 27


Video Calling Solutions To Real Estate Problems

Confusion and miscommunication is a part of every business. Without a proper mode of contact and communication, even the best of real estate agencies fails to provide desired service to their customers. The problems in real estate sector are nothing different. However, video calling is one of the ways through which real estate agencies stay on top of their game.

It's not easy to grow network in the real estate sector considering the manifold competition in the market and your customers looking for more options. Your
inventory needs to provide them the desired deal, hence losing out on implementing technological changes is one of the reasons why many businesses throw in the towel.

However, online video calling has provided some relief and has helped many businesses witness positive change in the extreme competition.

Let's discuss how video calling can help you overcome the problems in real estate businesses.

Video calling makes you easily accessible on the internet

The first problem in the real estate sector is of authenticity. Customers only approach those who have a repute or a history of providing impeccable service.

Thus, it's a menace for many customers to find a genuine agency or a broker. But with the availability of technology, you give your prospects the opportunity to connect with you in real time by showcasing your services on your business website.

Being able to make video calls in real estate is very beneficial and gives you an upper hand in business operations.

Growing your network with video calling

Social media and online presence are powerful, as you get to find new leads regardless of barriers or boundaries. Your prospects can be from any part of the world who will need reference in property viewings.

So, as a real estate person, you will need to be able to answer to their business queries. Without an online presence, it's not possible to boost your business with just word-of-mouth.

Take care of domestic/international enquiries with Video Service Desk. Start your free trial here.

Video calling is cost-effective

Video calling platforms like Video Service Desk help in reducing the cost that you incur in capturing a lead. They can easily call you and if you happen to miss their calls, you can call them back using their preferred call-back timing.

Most of your problems in real estate get sorted when you easily get connected to your leads and your conversion ratio increases.

Taking notes within the call

One of the problems in the real estate sector is not being able to figure out where the deal is in the sales process.

Leads require a lot of follow-ups. So, in order to take note of the minutes of the meeting with your clients and customers, you will need to be live on the call and take care of client/customer requirements.

Note taking feature in Video Service Desk makes it easy for you to take notes within the particular call itself and have it saved for future reference.

Video call your customers/clients even without a website

Some agencies just don’t want to bring technological changes into their business, even in competitive scenarios. They intend to cater to the local needs of people.

However, with Video Service Desk, these agencies, too, can get ahead in the real estate race.

Generate a VSD link and get in touch instantly with your valuable clients/customers.

For a free trial, click here.

Video calling makes it easier to manage administrative tasks

Real estate sector is hectic and if problems are not resolved on time, it can become menacing. Having a website alone doesn’t sort any issue.

With the organizational layout in the Video Service Desk software, you can easily take care of your administrative tasks as an admin.

Video calling lets you share files and documents in the call itself

To be lost in a mountain of paperwork is a major problem in real estate.

Video Service Desk’s file sharing option minimizes the cycle of physical paper being circulated and you get to close your deals more swiftly.

Live display of property with video calling

Technology has allowed many realtors to showcase their inventory on their worktable, instead of physically taking their leads to showcase the properties.

Also, if your clients have any problem travelling, they can easily rely on technology to look at the model of the house and take an online live tour.

Record meetings while video calling

One major problem in real estate is that there is no guarantee of receiving brokerage fee.

Real estate agents invest a lot in listing, staging, and prospecting for a property. In such a case, if the clients deny paying for the fee, all their efforts go to waste.

To stop this from happening, Video Service Desk allows your meetings to be recorded, so that there is no third-party witness involved in the conversation and the agents receive their due.

To summarize...

Although being in the real estate business is easier said than done, you can simplify your business and close your deals faster with the software tool of Video Service Desk.

For a free demo, contact us.

Debolina Choudhury


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