Different Types Of Selling

March 14


Different Types Of Selling

Aggression and Empathy are two sides of the same coin, especially when it comes to getting more clients.

Selling is a process of transaction between a buyer and a seller in exchange for money; the buyer pays for goods and services and the seller sells it for a value.

Today, we discuss about the different types of approach that sellers incorporate in their sales pitch to increase the number of clients.

Types of selling

The technique that we are going to discuss, revolves mainly around two types of selling.

1. Solution selling

Solution selling is a methodology in selling approach that demonstrates how a particular product or software can directly affect a customer's business.

It is a process which prioritizes the need of the customers. Highlighting the pain points of their business or profession is the key.

2. Provocative selling

In Provocative selling, vendors shift attention of the buyers towards the areas of improvements in their business and invokes a sense of urgency in providing a solution for it.

Modern ways of selling is provocative

When it comes to adopting new methods, sellers are rather skeptical, as they are not willing to change their methods of selling. Instead, they want to stick to the old ways of doing things. This is why they are not very receptive of new technologies that can help them sell more products. This is because there are many options for advertising and marketing, but these options can be pricey.

Why most sellers resort to Provocative selling?

Sellers are not likely to adopt new technologies such as e-commerce, virtual assistants, and augmented reality as they do not see the need to do so. This is seen as a means of making a quick buck and getting ahead of the competition.

Some of these sales techniques include the use of aggressive body language, making loud noises to attract customers, and giving the customer an opportunity to win a prize.

Hence, many sellers have been resorting to provocative selling tactics.

Does Provocative selling work?

Provocative selling technique does not work in every business relationship.

It is for us to determine what kind of a seller we are, and what kind of selling procedure is required for different types of profession.

To understand this more easily, sellers are divided into 5 main categories based on their archetypes.

1. Hard-Worker

Usually self-motivated, always working on self, and keeps learning to improve his own sales technique.

2. Relationship-Builder

Relationship-builders ask a lot of questions and focuses on building relationships with their customers.

3. Problem-Solver

As the name itself suggests, problem-solvers pretty much get into the nitty gritty of their sales pitch and target and focus on solving problems.

4. Lone Wolf

Although their secluded efforts spill good results most of the times, a lone wolf is usually difficult to handle.

5. Challenger

Last, but not the least, challengers love to debate and is not afraid to push the customers. They research well about their customer's business and come up with solutions to problems that their customers might not be aware of.

These types of sellers use different modes of getting connected with their prospects- verbal, written and visual. The fastest way that reps comfort to is via an audio call or a video chat.

Both these ways guarantee a transparency and direct closure of the selling journey.

Our solution

Consider this scenario: your prospect browses through your website and instantly gets to chat or call you (based on their preference). You get to pitch most amazing features of your product and services to them in the most elaborate and straight-forward manner.

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Hope this article provided some solution to your query. Leave a comment or simply contact us.

Good day!

Debolina Choudhury


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