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March 20


Receiving International Calls With Video Service Desk

Being able to receive international calls is of paramount importance for almost all businesses as there are several benefits to it. However, it is not always easy to gather or retain international callers and clients.

You need to find the right software that can convert your leads into customers, into raving fans.

Your customers or clients may have multiple complaints, but Video Service Desk helps you to look into the matter and mitigate those complaints in just a few clicks.

Video Service Desk lends you a free trial with which you can receive international calls even when you are not in front of your desktop.

Benefits of using Video Service Desk for receiving international calls

Here are some of the benefits of using Video Service Desk for receiving international calls:

1. You can use multiple websites for your international callers

If you are into different business domains, you can use multiple websites, and one agent for receiving international customer calls. Your international callers find you and get connected to you, no sweat!

2. Share files within the call itself

You can share files up to 10 MB in size without budging from the international call. You and your customers find it easy to share and exchange files on the same platform.

3. Monitor your agents while they receive their calls

You can monitor your agents with Video Service Desk and see who is online and to whom you can assign an important international call to.

4. Taking notes inside the call itself

Keeping multiple windows open is challenging. With the in-call notetaking feature, you get to type any important information shared by your international clients or customers.

5. Screen sharing with your international callers

You get to share your screen with your clients overseas for demonstration or complaint management. This allows you to make a presentable pitch look presentable to your international callers. With this benefit, customer engagement is improved.

6. End ongoing calls as an admin

With Video Service Desk, you have the authority of ending ongoing international calls as an admin.

7. Audit an international call

You can join any international call for quality and training as an auditor.

8. Make HD video international calls

Video Service Desk capacitates you for a high-quality video call.

9. Receive international calls even when the net is down

Managing international calls in low bandwidth mode saves participants from getting distracted. The low bandwidth mode option in Video Service Desk gives users a chance to make high-quality calls with no compromise in call quality.

10. Request callback from your international customers

If you miss calls from international callers, you can call them back during their preferred callback time without any additional charges.

11. Receiving notifications when a call is missed

A missed call that is not returned is a lost opportunity for your business. Video Service Desk allows you to receive email notifications for every international call missed, so it is an easy way to make sure your sales team is on track.

12. No downloads required

By using Video Service Desk, you can dramatically improve international customer experience, as this tool relies on web-based video conferencing with no downloads.

13. Assigning calls

With a reliable VoIP like Video Service Desk, you can select an agent to collaborate with a customer by assigning call to specific agents.


Whether you are a freelancer, a solopreneur, or do not have a business website of your own, you can use Video Service Desk for different types of customers.

Click on the link to check how Video Service Desk integrates with your business and how its clients are getting benefitted from it.

Video Service Desk is simple and affordable, and even smaller businesses can build their reputation for exceptional customer service. It's a great way for you to make your company known internationally.

Try Video Service Desk today!

If you have any query don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us here.

Debolina Choudhury


Give Your Customers The Voice They Deserve With Video Service Desk

A no code voice and video calling button for your customers to call you
  • Close deals faster than ever
  • Receive calls internationally for FREE
  • Showcase your products live
  • No phone bills with browser to browser calling
  • Stop bothering your customers with inefficient chatbots
  • Receive calls on mobile
  • Inbuilt screen sharing and file sharing
  • Automatic call routing and appointment booking
  • Walk your customers through your offerings
  • Give virtual tour of your factories
  • Customers can initiate calls using multiple ways
  • Stand apart from your competitors

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