Video Calling For Business

April 4


Video Calling For Business

Video calling is one of the ways through which you get to attract your customers and increase sales for your business.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should opt for a video calling software for your business:

1. The touch of personal communication

It's not easy to maintain the optimal communication level in audio calls. However, video calling gives you a chance to employ and improve your face-to-face or personal communication skills that we are all used to.

2. Hassle-free meetings

Do you not think that it's easier to schedule a meeting online than hop on several modes of transportation to meet a client, a supplier or a business partner? Video calling has always been the best option for those who like the ease in doing business.

According to Vonage Study, video calls are fast becoming as popular as voice calls. Relying on video calling technology enriches you of your time.

3. Saves money by leaps and bounds

As a business owner or employee, traveling for conferences, training or business meetings can be time-consuming and costly. Travel expenses can add up quickly, and time spent traveling can be better spent on other business tasks.

This is where video conferencing comes in. Video calling tools like Video Service Desk can help businesses save money and time by holding meetings virtually.

4. Easy to build team rapport

Team members these days are geographically scattered and love to work from different places just because they enjoy it. With sufficient internet access, it's easy to get into a meeting room or even launch one. A quick uptake or a lengthy update, both can be taken care of in a single video call.

5. Easy to demonstrate products to clients

Handling customer complaints and demonstrating products with video calling has its own advantage. Not only are you saving your own time sorting customer issues, but you are also guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction with a timely output.

6. More productivity

You do not have to wait for your colleagues to reply when you can make a quick video call with them. Sharing screen, documents or any sort of official video makes your project run smoothly.

7. More organized approach of working

It's difficult to maintain a work schedule when you are working from home. With video calling in place, you can easily communicate about your project agenda with your team members and they complete the work on time.

This way you organize your work by allocating time to yourself and your co-workers.

8. Maintains a good work/life balance

It's important to maintain a good work/life balance especially when employees are working remotely. Research has found that remote workers tend to overwork themselves which eventually leads to mental and physical stress.

To avoid that from happening, video calling software tools like Video Service Desk integrates with your website and help in solidifying your tasks with your colleagues in real time.

9. Never miss a call

You may think that you will miss customer calls when you are not sitting in front of your desktop.

Affordable video calling techs like Video Service Desk help you attend customer calls even on your mobile phones (android/iOS). For a free trial, click here.

10. Artfulness of video calling technologies

Almost everybody is walking the path of technology these days. Hence, it's no surprise to see businesses integrate video calling buttons to their website.

Making communication crystal clear for customers and clients is something every business is focused on. With the artful organizing acumen of software tools, video calling enables you to have the upper hand in a competitive domain.


Although being around people is necessary, we cannot deny the fact that video calling has brought revolutionary changes especially during the pandemic times.

Video calling is a great alternative to audio calling and establishes a unique mode of communication for all sorts of people.

Try our very own video calling software for free by clicking on the link here.

Debolina Choudhury


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  • Give virtual tour of your factories
  • Customers can initiate calls using multiple ways
  • Stand apart from your competitors

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