Browser To Browser Calling

April 10


Browser To Browser Calling

Around 87% of businesses operate on mobile phones, but it is a common knowledge that it is not possible to rely on your employee’s personal devices for important professional tasks. With various customer communication options available, browser to browser calling is the most effective and most globally used.

Browser calling is a calling method that enables your customers and clients to make a call, with or without a website.

Software tools like Video Service Desk aid you in boosting your business in an amazing customer support and service. Click here for a free trial.

Advantages of browser to browser calling

1. Easy to find interested prospects with browser calling

Browser calling filters out uninterested customers just ‘window-shopping’. It’s an advantage that isn’t readily available when you use your phone numbers to connect with your prospects.

Custom form fields in Video Service Desk lets its users fill out important information for your end customers. Those who really show interest in your product or services will go through the process of filling out the form with their contact details.

2. Browser calling allows you to take notes within the call itself

Video Service Desk and similar software tools lets you do a hassle-free task.

You can make note of important information or client complaints (if any) within the call itself. No need to switch between one screen to another.

3. Sharing important documents and files in the browser call

Using email or chat for sharing any file in the same customer call may not be possible. However, in browser calling, you can easily share files within the call itself, which reduces the time consumed in emailing the same documents.

4. Browser calling lets you and your caller share screen

Speaking about products and services over the phone can be cumbersome. Browser calling helps you do a presentation or share screen for demonstration purposes rather easily.

You can even showcase a detailed description of your work in the form of a video, by copying the video link in the meeting.

5. Maintain privacy with browser to browser calling

Taking a day off gets easier when your customers do not have your phone number that constantly buzzes with work notifications. Switching it off or keeping it on silent mode don’t really solve the problem.

Your employee’s personal time may also get compromised. As 'all hours' availability can steal their personal life if they receive calls outside their working hours.

You do have to worry about your time in browser to browser calling, as it simplifies your tasks and helps you allocate your time accordingly.

6. Reduced missed calls

Although your customers will be making a browser call, it will be easy for you to call them back with their preferred callback timings.

Browser calling in Video Service Desk reduces the chances of you missing a client or a customer call.

Want to see how? Register yourself for a free trial here.

7. Admin log in and quality audit

Joining as a third party, in a phone call, might not look professional.

With browser calling in Video Service Desk, entering the video/audio call as an admin or a quality auditor looks professional as well as presentable.

To know more click here.

8. Browser to browser calling works even without a website

We are well aware of the fact that small businesses, in the initial phase at least, do not require a website.

However, you can use browser calling to easily connect with your customers without setting up a website in these ways:

VSD Links- Generate a short link of the form that opens your custom form with your logo. Share it with your clients over email, SMS or any channel of your choice. They fill the form and connect with you instantly.

VSD Credentials- Share credentials for your users to login to Video Service Desk directly and initiate calls. Individual user accounts can be created and shared with a closed group of people.


To summarize, phone calls aren’t the best option for your employees. It might sound convenient, but using phone calls do not ensure that all your professional needs will be taken care of.

To be safe from unforeseen frenzy, levelling up with technology must be the best way to gain retentive customers and increase productivity.

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Debolina Choudhury


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