Live Voice and Video Chat Button For Your Website Visitors To Call You

Get additional useful features like file sharing & screen sharing with a no-coding-needed button similar to the one found on the bottom-right corner of this page.


With Video Service Desk You Can Easily Convert

Web Visitors
Into Customers
And Retain Them Forever

Custom Contact Forms

We understand that each business is unique and one size does not fit all. Capture all the details that you need with dynamic contact forms tailored to your business needs. Display a custom message to your website visitors in case you are not online.

Video Service Desk comes with your logo and you can customize the look and feel, position, size, button text and color to match your brand. Isn't that cool?

Feature - Custom Contact Form

Intelligent Call Routing

Different buttons on different pages of your website could be used to route calls to different teams automatically. The button on your home page routes the call to your Sales team. Another button inside your member area could be set to route the calls to Customer Support by default.

Video Service Desk supports call routing based on:

  • Skill - Based on agent qualification and training
  • Language - Based on the languages spoken by agents
  • Location - Based on which location/page call is originating from
  • Least Occupancy - Based on the utilization of agents
Feature - Advanced Call Routing

Call Notifications On Your Smartphone

Cannot be in front of your computer all the time? Not a problem. Get phone call notifications that seamlessly convert into video calls with just one tap.

Get email notifications for all calls and monitor the calls and agent status within the dashboard.

If you a miss a call, the customer will be asked for a preferred call back date and time when you can call them back and close the deal!

Feature - Mobile App Notification

More Features

In Call Note Taking

Agents can take notes within the call which can be later viewed in the call history.

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor which agents are online and track ongoing, completed and missed calls in real-time.

Powerful Admin Controls

Join an ongoing meeting for quality and training. Admin can also end an ongoing meeting.

The Memory of a Goldfish

The memory of a goldfish

The average human attention span is 7 seconds - less than that of a Goldfish (9 seconds). Even lesser (4-5 seconds) with constant social media notifications, WhatsApp messages and trending video notifications from YouTube.

Knowing this fact, there is absolutely NO WAY you can afford to let your visitors struggle and leave your page in a flash - never to return again. Or worse, go to your competitors.

You have worked VERY HARD on your product and managed to bring some traffic to your website by spending on advertisements and marketing campaigns. You and your team know your product like the back of your hands.

So why torture your customers with a tiring process of searching for information through multiple pages, answering "frustrating" chatbots and submitting contact forms where they have HOURS to change their minds until contacted?

Why not instead choose an option to answer their concerns right away, walk them through your pages, explain as best you can what you are offering and start building an ever lasting relation - right from the beginning.

How It Works?

Please follow the below steps to add Video Service Desk button to your website.


Fill in your details by clicking on the Video Service Desk button (right bottom corner of this page).


We will set up the account for you as per your needs and provide you with a tiny piece of code. You can place it in all or specific pages of your website.


That's it! You can control further settings from the dashboard. Also we can guide you if your developer is not available to add the button to your website.

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More Conversions


Customers Prefer Calling A Business


Better Retention





What's included

  • Unlimited audio and HD video calling
  • Unlimited file sharing and video sharing
  • Screen sharing, whiteboard, chat, polls, raise hand, emojis and reactions
  • Route calls from multiple websites
  • Access to admin dashboard and mobile apps
  • Optional video recording and cloud storage at $0.01 per recorded minute

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is what we are rooting for and we hope that you would give us a chance to resolve your concerns. However, we totally understand if you do not want to continue with your subscription. 

We have a 30 days no-questions-asked refund policy. In case you do not like using Video Service Desk and want a refund, please drop us a note at and we would promptly refund you the entire amount without any hassles.

30 days money back guarantee badge


What is an agent?

An agent is any person (yourself or someone from your team) who will answer the calls originating from any page of your website and will provide the relevant information to the customer.

Why I might need multiple agents?

While one agent can answer unlimited calls, if the agent is busy attending one call, you might need the call to be attended by another agent.

What if I do not have multiple agents?

Not a problem. If you have only one agent and if the agent is busy attending a call, the customer details will be stored in call history and the customer will be asked to choose a preferred callback time. You can call them back at their preferred time.

How would the customers know if we are unavailable or busy?

Once a customer submits details in the contact form, you can display a custom message saying you are busy attending other customers or mentioning your specific business hours.

What if my team or customers do not want to switch on video?

That is absolutely fine. Calls start as audio only and video turned OFF for everyone. You can continue the call as an audio call and switching to video is optional. You could still make use of all these features and the customer never needs to dial a phone number or use other channels to talk to you.

I have more than one website. Do I need multiple agents?

No. With Video Service Desk, one agent login can support incoming calls from all of your websites. The call notification will also display that the call is originating from which website.

Do you give a free trial?

We do not provide a free trial. However, we have a 30 day refund policy in case you do not like using the product.

Will Video Service Desk logo be visible to my customers?

No. And you can even customize the look and feel and the position of the button to match that of your website so that it looks like a part of your website and not like a plugin.

Give your customers the voice they deserve

  • Close more deals faster than ever with inbuilt screen and file sharing
  • Receive calls from anywhere in the world without adding contacts
  • Showcase your products live and answer queries right away
  • Reduce resolution time with automatic call routing to relevant team
  • Stop bothering your customers with inefficient chatbots
  • Make an impression and stand apart from your competitors
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