How To Show Around Real Estate Property Via Video Call

May 15


How To Show Around Real Estate Property Via Video Call

The effects of Covid-19 are not yet gone. Many employees have to work from home at least once a week while maintaining a strong communication amongst their teams. So how do they do it? Online video calls across many different professions have made it possible for employers to bridge the gap between working from home and otherwise.

The property and real estate sector aren’t any exception. Being hit by the widespread lockdowns, every kind of work came to a temporary halt. The realtors who wanted to continue working, suddenly found it difficult to make their customers invest in any property. Hence, many realtors chose video calling ways, resorting to showing properties online, when they couldn't meet the client in person.

It’s not easy for any buyer to make a decision as magnanimous as buying a property online. However, video call would enable the buyer to see the property in real time and then decide if they would like to purchase it by meeting realtors in person.

There are several tools available in the digital market that facilitates using video calls that incorporates within your business journey.

Video call and WhatsApp

Video call buttons like Video Service Desk help you receive local and international calls for free. Unlike WhatsApp, your clients can easily share digital files while being in the call itself and share screen.

While video chatting, realtors and buyers can exchange digital files and documents, share screen and even share videos of the property for sale.

Video call button and FaceTime

For Apple device users it’s rather easy to hop on to a video call with the FaceTime option. However, many people do not use Apple products.

On the other hand, Video Service Desk’s no code voice and video calling button is quite accessible. Being cost-efficient, the calls made with Video Service Desk resemble a typical phone, or a video call and can be conducted via Android phone, laptops and other Apple devices.

Video call button and Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is yet another way through which you can easily connect with the buyers. However, it requires both the parties to have a Facebook account, download the Messenger app. Before making a video call, realtors are required to chat with the clients and then make a video call.

Skipping the complicated steps, Video Service Desk helps the real estate buyers to connect easily with the realtors via their business website. They just have to fill in the custom contact forms. The realtors have the opportunity to make their website look customizable with custom branding and messaging.

Video call button and Skype

Using Skype requires both the parties to create an account and choose a username. Just as rigorous as Facebook Messenger, realtors and their clients need to create an account with a username and add each other as contacts. This app requires to be downloaded on mobile devices in advance.

However, in the case of the calling button on Video Service Desk, users can get in touch with each other as there is no app download required for buyers. As buyers browse through various property dealers in the real estate market, they can be easily directed towards a video calling button and they can access it both from their mobile devices and laptop. There’s no hassle of downloading any other app at all.

Video call and Google Hangouts

Although the Google Hangouts is free, its usage is similar to that of Skype. You have to add your contacts via Gmail. Google Hangouts isn’t frequently used as one needs to download the app as well.

Simplify your business with video call

Video calling is one of the easiest ways to close deals but it should be noted that not all the existing video calling tools are affordable and user-friendly.

Since the economy is booming with start-ups, every entrepreneur looks for tools that are easy-to-use and integrates with their business website at a reasonable rate.

Video calls that are made with its calling buttons are easily discoverable on business websites. It makes a brand stand out by making business executives more accessible to receiving calls and sharing feedbacks.

Using Video Service Desk opens several doors for you and your agents to record online meetings and store them, joining meetings as a third party, taking notes within the call itself, routing calls to appropriate available agents and getting email notification when the call is missed.

Updating realtors and dealers to a mini version of Video Service Desk, that can be downloaded on any mobile device makes their business thrive.

You make a considerable positive impact on your clients and customers when you are empowered to receive business calls on the go.

To know more, visit and opt for a 14 day trial period of Video Service Desk for free.

Debolina Choudhury


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