6 Ways To Reduce Pressure On Employees

March 7


Reduce Pressure On Remote Workers

Remote working requires a lot of focus and attention so there is a continuous corporate pressure and stress on remote workers. "Reaching targets" has become a fad in an extremely competitive market.

It's shocking to see that thousands of remote workers get laid off only because they miss a deadline, and are deemed unfit for the job.

So, what’s the solution?

I understand that it's not always easy to get the easy money or in other words, generate "passive income", when your active source of income is jeopardized. In such cases, it is important to weave a network of successful people who can help you or your business in crisis. Upskilling also helps.

Similarly, marketing agents face a lot of stress, whether they are working from home or office.

If you are an entrepreneur, you would know that generating leads is a complicated task. Especially following up with them for the nth time is extremely frustrating!

Their unresponsiveness make you question your worth and you are left wondering, “where have I gone wrong?” That question alone triggers insurmountable pressure and stress both for you and your employees.

So here are some easy ways to reduce work stress:

1. Maintaining a journal to reduce strain on your remote workers

Maintaining record of your everyday task is one of the effective ways through which you can battle everyday stress.

It’s difficult to stick to a routine for remote workers. So, when you write, your thoughts sync with your actions and you get better at managing time.

Yes, sounds a bit rigorous, but start by listing down your daily expenditure. Once you get the hang of it, you will see how you are able to cut that extra load of work. A morning or an evening log works perfectly for beginners.

2. Stop relying on TOO many apps

Depending too much on technology is not meant for intelligent human beings.

Research indicates that humans (as well as other animals and plants) have a biological clock, or an innate timing device, that is called Circadian Rhythm.

In layman's terms, once you dedicate yourself to a particular routine, your body gets innately adjusted to it and you rid yourself of especially one app, called "the alarm clock"- your body wakes you up on time without any alarm.

3. Remote workers need to invest for reducing stress

Might sound weird, but don’t our parents say buying gold is the best way to invest money?

Get help from experts who know about Stock Markets. Trading is basically making your money work for you rather than you work for it. Hence, your financial troubles reduce.

4. Set personalized goals while working remotely

A stress-free environment is achieved when as a remote worker you set a clear goal allocating completion time. Starting from the short-term goals usually help in achieving the long-term ones.

5. Pat yourselves on the back when you complete a task

Remote workers need to get up for a cup of coffee or listen to music or do something that would motivate them to complete their tasks faster.

Have fun while working. Research shows that a gloomy atmosphere has never been conducive to growth. Party is important, people!

6. Appreciate your own remote working time

Appreciation and gratefulness are 2 sides of the same coin.

When you are grateful for the work that you or your employees do, it shows in your action and behavior towards them.

You can achieve a lot with your team once you begin to express your gratitude and appreciate them for the smallest of contributions.


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Debolina Choudhury


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