Cutting Costs, Not Quality: Video Personal Discussion (PD) for Quick and Trustworthy Digital Loan Verifications

Tired of the high costs of physical loan verifications? Or frustrated with the lengthy turnaround time for case closures? 

Video Service Desk’s Video Personal Discussion (PD) is the solution for you!

With just one live video call, the credit manager can gather all the necessary loan documents and verify the loan quickly. If additional calls are needed, the customer’s documents and information can easily be collected and stored on the portal. Credit managers can quickly pick up where they left off without customers having to repeat themselves, thus saving time, effort, and cost!

Digital Loan Verification

How Video PD verification works

Video PD Workflow
Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing

Video Service Desk supports call routing based on:

  • Skill - Based on agent qualification and training
  • Language - Based on the languages spoken by agents
  • Location - Based on which location/page call is originating from
  • Least Occupancy - Based on the utilization of agents
Check all boxes on the compliance form

Send Video Recordings To Your Cloud Account Absolutely Free Of Cost

Although we provide an economical and secure storage option for recordings, you can choose to send the recordings directly to your cloud provider e.g. Amazon S3 or other S3 compatible cloud providers. No charges for the transfer.

Compliance Form
Custom Form

Custom Forms

Customers open the custom form using the VSD link provided to them.

VSD Link is a powerful short link in the form of a Dialer. It works even if you do not have a website of your own. Simply share this link with all your prospects and clients via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels. They can open this link in a browser of their choice and initiate a call with your agents.

Notes To Document Unstructured Discussions

When it comes to loan applications, each applicant’s journey may involve standardized steps like verifying their identity and address. However, a notes section is also available to record any unstructured conversations. Questions can be asked about the business, such as who’s involved and the expected turnover. In the event of a drop-off, our system saves all the data collected.

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