On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

We are here to assist you in understanding video remote interpretation and gaining language access for your entire enterprise.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) provides fast and efficient online language interpretation through video conferencing. VRI eliminates the need for in-person interpreters, saving time and money, and improving accessibility.

Video Service Desk’s virtual language service ensures smooth communication and comprehension in fields such as healthcare, legal, and business, despite language limitations.

On-Demand Remote Interpreters

With our On-Demand VRI services, you can provide real-time language support. Connect your customers and interpreters instantly via our platform, ensuring real-time language access while preserving control and monitoring over the job lifecycle.

Provider Login Screen

A provider (Doctor/Medical assistant) logs into the platform and clicks on On-demand VRI and selects the language to interpret (say American sign language) and submits.

The platform will search for interpreters who logged in to the queue with appropriate skills.

Provider Language Page


The interpreter logs into the VRI platform and waits in the queue. The call lands on the interpreter browser tab. Once the call is accepted, both provider and interpreter will be on a video call.

Call Request on Mobile

Interpreters can answer calls using the mobile app. Once the interpreter logs into the app, he/she will be able to answer the calls.

Call Request

High-Definition Video

Crystal-clear video with ASL-appropriate frame rates

Intelligent Routing

Industry-leading routing capabilities

Call Ratings

Track feedback to optimize customer satisfaction

Android & iOS

Video Remote Interpreting is available on both Android and iOS

Familiar Workflow

Process video remote interpreting jobs as usual in our interpretation management system

Industries That Can Benefit from Utilizing Video Remote Interpreting Solutions

When we consider industries that have required video remote interpreting services, we may come up with a long list of industries that demand vocal communication. Nowadays, every business in the globe might benefit from including VRI interpreting into their daily work environment. 

Here are some of the industries with which we’ve worked that we believe will benefit from video remote interpreting platforms:


Global training and workforce management is easier than ever with VRI options that bring teams together in one virtual space.


Teachers and parents may interact across language barriers with low-cost, adaptable technology. High-quality remote interpreting services for education and meeting and event solutions.


A language access strategy should include on-demand remote interpreting services for healthcare. With a tablet, interpreters may be added to an onsite appointment or right into a telemedicine call.


By providing services to multilingual and low English proficiency consumers, video remote interpreting services for judicial processes might broaden the types of cases a business can accept.

Need A Custom VRI Solution Of Your Own?

We provide a ready made, cost effective application called Video Service Desk which suits the needs of most VRI agencies and individual interpreters. However, we also understand that one size doesn't fit all.

There are times when you are frustrated in your day to day operations because the tool that you are using today has too many restrictions. You still bear with it - every single day - finding workarounds and manually fixing things. Because you don't have a tech team and you are too busy to design a solution from the ground up. To top it all, building a solution of your own needs a lot of investment. Right?

Well, not quite.

If your organizational needs are different and you want a customized version of our VRI system to call your own, we can build one and maintain it for you. It will be a robust system, with close to zero downtime, with your own domain name. You can add or remove the features as per your need.

With a low cost setup and our expertise in providing affordable and scalable video conferencing technology, get ready to save on those extra dollars that you are spending with your existing SaaS provider every month.

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