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Video Service Desk scheduling software is a CRM app for language agencies, freelance interpreters, and transcriptionists. It handles scheduling and billing, so you can focus on the side of your business you actually love.
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Video Service Desk interpreter scheduling software can be setup as a standalone system at your preferred cloud/data center or we can host for you and provide the services on a monthly basis.

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Email Notifications

Email/text is sent to requested interpreter only. If requested interpreter does not respond within 4 hours, email/text is sent to all qualified interpreters using compliance profiles.

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Assign Qualified Interpreter

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Once any interpreter has marked themselves as available, the status will be changed to Ready to Assign. Project Manager can assign an interpreter. When an assignment is filled by the Project Manager, an email/text is sent to the assigned interpreter stating they have been assigned. 

Live Appointment Tracking

The Agency Admin can track live appointments as and when those are progressing. If an interpreter is late for an appointment, that appointment is shown as red automatically so that the admin can follow up with that interpreter asking why they are late.

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Review Appointment Requests

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You are notified of all booking requests (whether posted by a customer, or from your website). But appointments don't go in your calendar until you have reviewed and approved them. This gives you a chance to make corrections, follow up with requestors if needed, or even decline bookings you can't fulfill.

Mobile Apps

Keep your interpreters engaged. Send new requests and updates to current assignments in an instant. On the Spot! mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, keeping your clients, PMs and interpreters connected.

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Online Invoicing

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Billing a customer only takes a few clicks, because Video Service Desk already has all the information it needs. And since the process is near fully automated, small and large invoices are just as fast. Once you get the hang of it, creating and emailing (or printing) an invoice should take you under 10 seconds!


Video Service Desk pricing is based on your current number of active users (staff members and interpreters). You can temporarily deactivate the users you no longer need and reactivate them later on.


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