On Demand Video Remote Interpretation

ready-to-use & Customized Super affordable solutions for Language Agencies And Independent Interpreters

Video Remote Interpreter

Capture Client Details

Collect the client details that you need with customizable form fields

Integrated VOIP

Route overflowing calls to your OPI partner or take them to scheduled appointments

Advanced Call Routing

Route calls to different interpreters based on language, skills and idle time

Convenience And Confidentiality

Remote Interpreter
  • No Background Distractions: Avoid distractions in the background by enabling noise suppression. Use virtual backgrounds to hide the room clutter with a background image of your choice.
  • Increased Reach: With Video Service Desk, you can interpret for clients located anywhere in the world from the convenience of sitting at your home (if you want).
  • Confidentiality: The details being shared between the client and interpreter will remain confidential.
  • Separate Admin and Agent Dashboard: Separate admin and agent dashboards with different levels of privileges.

Not Just Video Calling

File Sharing & Co-Browsing

With integrated file sharing, exchanging documents and photos is easy - without leaving the call.

Call History & Call Monitoring

Agents and admins can see the calls in the call history. The admin can also monitor ongoing calls, end call or join as Quality Auditor.

Never Miss An Enquiry

With real time call notifications on phone and desktop and with missed call alerts, you never have to worry about missing a call.

Collect Client Feedback

Get survey reports based on the call quality and agent satisfaction ratings collected from your clients at the end of each call.

Need A Custom VRI Solution Of Your Own?

We provide a ready made, cost effective application called Video Service Desk which suits the needs of most VRI agencies and individual interpreters. However, we also understand that one size doesn't fit all.

There are times when you are frustrated in your day to day operations because the tool that you are using today has too many restrictions. You still bear with it - every single day - finding workarounds and manually fixing things. Because you don't have a tech team and you are too busy to design a solution from the ground up. To top it all, building a solution of your own needs a lot of investment. Right?

Well, not quite.

If your organizational needs are different and you want a customized version of our VRI system to call your own, we can build one and maintain it for you. It will be a robust system, with close to zero downtime, with your own domain name. You can add or remove the features as per your need.

With a low cost setup and our expertise in providing affordable and scalable video conferencing technology, get ready to save on those extra dollars that you are spending with your existing SaaS provider every month.

Ways To Initiate Real Time Video Calls

Your clients can initiate calls using any of the following methods
VSD Buttons

Add a chatbot like button to all or specific pages of your website using a tiny code snippet. See example button on this page (bottom-right corner). Customize the form fields and the button UI if you like.

VSD Credentials

Share credentials for your users to login to Video Service Desk directly and initiate calls. Individual user accounts can be created and shared with a closed group of people.

VSD Links

Generate a short link of the form vsd.li/sdk8ku that opens your custom form with your logo. Share it with your clients over email, SMS, WhatsApp. They fill the form and connect with you instantly.

VSD QR Codes

Generate unique QR codes. Print and stick these on your products, catalogs or ads. Your leads and customers will be able to simply scan the QR with their phones.

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